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Cookies Guideline

What are cookies?

Cookies are data that sites store in the client's browser for a certain period of time. Cookies can contain arbitrary small data, but most often cookies are used for:

  • authentication;
  • collecting statistics of the client;
  • clients' settings storage.

The using cookies as the authentication token storage is the most interesting in terms of working with purchased accounts. After the client has logged in to his account using the login and password, the site saves a special label in cookies by which it recognizes the user even if he closed the browser tab and returned to the site after a while. If you import cookies into another browser or computer and visit the site, your actions shouldn’t be suspicious for the site. You will be able to work with it as if you had logged in using the login and password. The main advantage of using cookies is the absence of the need for authorization using a username and password and an increase in trust of the site to such login to the account.


Cookies can be presented in three formats in our store:

  • json;
  • plain text;
  • plain text or json in base64 container.

Json cookies format is the best format in terms of usability. It looks like this (гиперссылка). In this format, cookies can be imported into any of the existing browsers with fingerprint change functionality and immediately work.

Plain text cookies format (example) also can be used immediately if your software for changing the device fingerprint supports the separate addition of cookies fields. In other cases, you will have to use plain text to json converter or import the cookies into the required form using a text editor manually.

Cookies in the base64 container (example). You should unpack the container before start using them. There are many online decoders (example) to do it. After unpacking, you will receive cookies in one of two formats described earlier.