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How to buy accounts in our store?

You need to do the followings to buy accounts in the store:

1. Read the rules of the store:

2. Choose required product on the account store page:


3. Carefully read the name of the product. Basic information is indicated there.

4. Clicking on the product name and go to the product page, read its description. The description may contain additional important information about working with the product.

5. Click on the "Buy" button. Enter the required quantity of goods. Enter email that you have access to. Check the box for agreeing to the rules of the store. Check the entered information. Choose the payment method that is suitable for you.



6.1. If you use Unitpay payment aggregator or Digiseller one to make payments, you just need to follow the instructions on the screen.

6.2. If you use Capitalist payment system to make payments, you need to have an account in this payment system and a replenished internal account from which the payment will be made.

6.3. If you use QIWI, you need to do the followings:
copy the e-wallet number for money transfer and a note (example of the note: invoice [546546546531]) to your Qiwi payment page. Important! You should pay using your e-wallets but not the bank-customer, otherwise the goods will not be issued automatically. Make the payment. In this case, the order window must not be closed.


If the payment is successful, click on the "Check Payment" button, then click on the download link (you will see it after you click the button) and download the accounts. Purchased accounts will also be sent to the email specified in the process of placing the order (please note that the letter may be in spam folder). Keep in mind sometimes it takes some minutes the payment to be approved. But usually everything happens immediately.

8. If the accounts were not automatically issued for some reasons (failure in the payment system, forgot to indicate a note)  read the following article: