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The ways to know the original email of any Instagram account

The ways to know the original email of any Instagram account:


The original email is the email used for the registration of the Instagram account.


We often get questions why it is necessary to know if the Instagram account email is original or not. 
The answer is:
if the account's email is not native/original, Instagram will reset the account to your native/original email (to which you do not have the access) in case of any suspicious actions and you may lose the access to your account. The following actions Instagram considers as suspicious ones:
Too many likes per the period of time;
Sudden change of the login device.


We know 2 ways to check if the email is original or not:


Way 1:
1. Go to your account email.
2. Find the first email from Instagram:
- if the first letter says that Instagram welcomes you to its social network (the so-called "Welcome to Instagram" welcome letter), the email is first/only/original/native;
- if there is no letters from Instagram or it looks different you should check the second way.


Way 2:
1. Log in to your Instagram account.
2. Follow the link:
3. Go to the "Privacy & Security" tab ---> "Previous Email Addresses" (
4. Check the list of past email addresses: (
- if the list is empty the email is the first/only/original/native;
- if there are other addresses in the list the current email address is NOT the original one.