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Affiliate program

What is an affiliate program?

Everything is very easy:
1. We give you a referral link.
2. Someone goes to our store by this link and buys goods.
3. You receive 10% of the purchase to your account.
4. We withdrawals are possible to the ewallet you indicate.


Registration in your personal account:

Example:  a person follows your referral link, but leaves immediately. Then he visits us using a regular link. If he buys the goods for, for example, 700 RUB within the first 30 minutes of the session you get 70 rubles to your personal account.

What are the limits and prohibitions?

- Minimu withdrawal amount is 100 RUB;
- The payment is considered as a referral one if a person makes the purchase within 30 minutes after logging in;
- You are forbidden to buy goods by your referral link, we will know it right away;
- Contextual Yandex Direct and Google Adwords ads is prohibited;
- It is forbidden to post topics on the forums;
- Any impressions for brand requests are prohibited;
- Email and any other type of spam is prohibited.



How to get the referral link?

1) Sign up your personal account

2) Fill out the information in your personal account to get the referral link